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At Equinox Terrace, we pride ourselves on participating actively in our local towns. This involvement has generated many print, TV and radio news stories. Please enjoy a sampling of stories below:

Retired Astronomy Professor at Equinox Terrace Reflects on Career

Galactic delights such as meteor showers, shooting stars and eclipses have evoked a sense of magic and wonder in professional and amateur astronomers for ages. The next big astronomical event, the first total lunar eclipse in three years, occurred on January 21. Befittingly, this event took place on the first full moon of 2019.  As excitement built, Dr. George Mumford, a resident of Equinox Terrace Assisted Living, and his loved ones reminisced on his lifelong passion for and career in astronomy. We were thrilled to have the Vermont News Guide share George's story and the impact our passions have on our lives.

Equinox Terrace Celebrates Importance of Motherhood

It's always important to recognize the significance mothers have on the lives of their children. For Essie Cruikshank, a resident of Equinox Terrace Assisted Living, being a mother is one of the most powerful parts of her life even at 105 years old. Today, her family is the most important aspect of her life, and we are honored to celebrate Essie and the impact she has had on her family and our community. The Manchester Journal recently helped us to highlight this special individual. 

Weekly Visits from Therapy Dogs Provide Joy for Seniors at Equinox Terrace

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of joy that comes from spending time with animals. Anyone who has ever known the love and companionship of an animal understands the genuine happiness these interactions can provide. It’s this simple joy that the team members at Equinox Terrace Assisted Living witness each week when residents at the senior living community are visited by local volunteers and their trained therapy dogs. The Manchester Journal recently highligted our "most interesting" volunteers and their pets. 

Equinox Terrace Hosts Holiday-Themed Decorating Contest

Recently, Equinox Terrace Assisted Living hosted a fun and spirit-filled seasonal tradition. Local businesses, schools, organizations and individuals were invited to participate in Equinox Terrace’s “Parade of Wreaths.” To take part in the wreath decorating contest, members of the public were asked to decorate an 8-12 inch artificial wreath for the holiday season and bring it to Equinox Terrace to compete for cash prizes. The wreaths were on display in the community, and members of the public were encouraged to stop by and vote for their favorite. First place received $300, second place $200 and third place $100. In addition, Equinox Terrace donated an equal amount to each winner’s favorite local charity. The Manchester Journal recently highligted this festive event and shared information about the winners and the charites they chose. 

Equinox Terrace Presents Senior Service Award to Gail Rice

For the past 27 years, Gail Rice has paid weekly visits to Equinox Terrace Assisted Living to read aloud and spend time with the residents at the assisted living community. Due to her dedication to giving back and her willingness to serve others, Equinox Terrace is presented Rice with the annual Equinox Terrace Assisted Living Senior Service Award. The senior service award acknowledges the important work seniors do to give back to their community and is presented by Equinox Terrace each year to a deserving senior volunteer who dedicates his or her time to the benefit of other local seniors. Additionally, the community also recognized Bennington County Meals on Wheels for the organization's commitment to providing nutritious food to people in need. The Manchestor Journal recently covered this year's award ceremony and shared more on Rice and the award.

Seniors Trained in Tai Chi

The senior residents of Equinox Terrace Assisted Living are finding a way to remain active and improve their health and well-being as they participate in the community's tai chi program. Through the gentle movements of tai chi, the residents are able to improve their balance, strengthen their bodies, increase mobility, reduce their chances for depression and remain independent longer. Take a look at The Bennington Banner's article about our tai chi program.

Equinox Terrace Couple Shares Secret to Long and Happy Marriage

Every two weeks Diane Clarke visits her husband Pete, who lives with Parkinson's, at Equinox Terrace Assisted Living. The couple found each other in their second marriage and bonded over a variety of similar interests and hobbies. The Manchester Journal recently shared their secret to a successful marriage and how they balance their time apart because of Pete's health.

Rev. Gray Receives Senior Service Award

For the past 18 years, Reverend Jim Gray has paid bi-weekly visits to Equinox Terrace Assisted Living to perform religious services and spend time with the residents at the assisted living community. Reverend Gray embodies a strong dedication to serving others, especially seniors, through his volunteer efforts and personal life. Because of his dedication to giving back and his willingness to serve others, Equinox Terrace Assisted Living presented Reverend Gray with the annual Equinox Terrace Assisted Living Senior Service Award.

Springing into action

To celebrate spring and National Garden Month, residents at Equinox Terrace worked with the Manchester Garden Club to create floral arrangements for the senior living community. The arrangements were then shared with other residents at Equinox Terrace to spread joy to others. The Manchester Journal featured the activity on the front page of their newspaper.

A cozy afghan in the making

The knitting club at Equinox Terrace meeting every Monday morning to hand make crocheted blankets to welcome new residents. The Bennington Banner shared the groups giving spirit and raised awareness to the public about donating supplies for their cause, and invited local knitters to attend the activity.

Equinox Awards Local Volunteer  

Meredith Dendo gives back to her community through training, evaluating and certifying therapy dogs and has volunteered with Therapy Dogs of Vermont for two years to help extend these services across the state and beyond. She regularly visits elementary schools and retirement communities, including Equinox Terrace, to bring joy to all who come into contact with her two sweet dogs. Because of her giving spirit and passion for animals, she was awarded the 2015 Equinox Terrace Senior Service Award. The Bennington Banner shared some delightful photos of the award ceremony, which included many furry friends.

Equinox Terrace awarded the 2014 "Excellence in Worksite Wellness" award from Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin

The prestigious Governor's Worksite Wellness Award is designed to highlight and recognize what employers are doing to promote the physical and mental health and wellness of their employees. To show their commitment to this award, each applicant must provide evidence that they're creating a successful, healthy working environment for their employees, and just a portion of those who apply are selected for this honor.

Gail Rice Honored as Longest Volunteer at Equinox Terrace

For more than 25 years, Gail Rice has spent one afternoon a week in a special way–leading a reading group for the residents of Equinox Terrace. Every Thursday afternoon, she reads them funny, historical or romantic stories which captivate her audience. This activity allows the residents and Rice to bond through their love of literature.

Equinox Terrace Hosts Gingerbread House Competition to Benefit Local Charities 

A holiday tradition is the focus of a fun, interactive competition at Equinox Terrace. The community asked the public to make gingerbread houses and bring them in for a competition to raise money for charity. The Vermont News Guide ran a fantastic cover story to help promote the event. 

Equinox Terrace Honors Volunteer for Admirable Work

Equinox Terrace presented Bev Van Sickle, the Director of Neighbor to Neighbor, with the community’s prestigious Equinox Terrace Senior Service Award. The Vermont News Guide marked the joyous occasion with a fabulous article about Van Sickle and her volunteer work throughout the Northshire area.

Knitting Group Participant and Organ Player Leaves a Lasting Impression on Residents

Every time a new resident moved into Equinox Terrace, a local volunteer would crochet a blanket to give to the resident. He also participated in the knitting group and played organ for the residents. The staff paused to give thanks for his dedication, and the Vermont Journal recognized him in a story.

Music is in the Air at Equinox Terrace

When it comes to talented musicians and wonderful cultural experiences, Equinox Terrace is proud to share fun and uplifting events with the public. The community hosted multiple pianists, and the Bennington Banner did a fabulous story previewing the events.

Manchester Center VT senior living resident reading on the porch.

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