Assisted Living in Manchester Center, Vermont

Enjoy the perks of assisted living in Manchester Center, VT.

Our beautiful and graciously appointed assisted living community encourages a unique lifestyle: independent and carefree living in your own lovely apartment, surrounded by our inviting common areas and the Green Mountains of Manchester, Vermont. Equinox Terraces provides the perfect setting for residents to experience all the life-enhancing benefits of senior community living.

Equinox Terrace is ideal for those who no longer wish to take care of a home, who do not want to live with or be a burden to their children or, perhaps, just seek the peace of mind they receive by knowing that there will always be a supportive staff member available to assist them night or day with any health or senior care needs.

Residents are able to choose from a variety of assisted living apartment styles (see Floor Plans), as well as services and amenities to suit their interests and needs (see Services and Amenities). Warm sun-lit rooms, restaurant-style dining, stimulating activities, transportation, magnificent mountain views, splendid gardens and walking paths, and a beckoning fireplace are just some of the pleasures at Equinox Terrace in Manchester Center, VT.

Our well-appointed assisted living community provides a relaxed new home for seniors and a lifestyle that is comfortable, gracious, socially and intellectually engaging, and free from daily chores and "To Do" lists. We encourage residents to live a self-sufficient and enriching lifestyle, while ensuring that our support is always available, no matter what they may need.

Happy assisted living residents at Equinox Terrace in Manchester Center VT

Equinox Terrace

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